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Dongguan City Friends of the United States Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to energy-saving products, power products and LED lights in the national high-tech enterprises. The company founded in 1983 in South Korea, in 2000 in Dongguan set up investment in Dongguan Friends of the United States Power Equipment Co., Ltd; several years, the Friends of beauty through the introduction of South Korea's advanced technology, absorb and digest and organic binding characteristics of the domestic grid reality and street lamps, subversive the traditional design of energy-saving lights, energy-saving technology in continuous innovation, improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption, and explore effective intelligent green energy technology solutions, measures and products. To this end, the company is committed to the development, production and sales of a variety of energy-saving products and power products.
    Friends of the United States Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 / 2008 version of certification, CE certification by the China Energy Conservation Product Certification, the Guangdong Electric Power Stations harmonic current harmonic detection and the State Quality and Technical Supervision product testing, Tomomi has been selected as China Energy Conservation Association unit, the Chinese Society of power units, Shenzhen Energy saving Association, vice chairman of Dongguan City Energy Conservation Association unit, the company has four patents and 1970 patents and a number of utility model patents, products have energy-saving lights won the Dongguan Science and technology progress Award, the national SME innovation Fund, the State Ministry of Science and key new product projects, Guangdong Province patent projects, etc; dynamic energy-saving products in Guangdong Province Economic and trade key technical innovation projects.
    In recent years, the Friends of the United States Power Equipment Co., Ltd. to assist in the Institute and Division of domestic universities, the face of the wave of the semiconductor light source and a new generation of tremendous business opportunities lighting revolution to seize the commanding heights of the semiconductor lighting. Meanwhile Friends of the United States Power Equipment Co., Ltd. also with international brands Netherlands LEMNIS lighting company multi-faceted, multi-level strategic cooperation, Tomomi company will use LEMNIS company the world's leading LED packaging technology, implanted Tomomi LED lighting system to solve the LED Applications technical problems in the areas of thermal, optical, and materials science within the company to promote Tomomi LED lighting products applied technology and international integration, to build China's well-known brands in the field of energy saving
  As a professional energy service providers, users maximize the value of Tomomi is driven, according to the requirements of users of the energy use, through the supply, distribution, conversion and utilization of various aspects of optimization, to provide users with the economy, environmental protection, systematic use of energy solutions. After years of steady development, the Friends of the United States Power to professional service process as the prerequisite, and comprehensive services, based on cutting-edge technology and equipment as a means to spread all over 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the sales network and technical service platform, has successfully provide systematic energy solutions including Changsha Huanghua Airport, including thousands of Chinese users, users become recognized energy services industry brand.
  Looking to the future, the Friends of the United States Power Corporation will rely on strong economic strength, leading the research and development level of the industry, "sincere cooperation, perfect" spirit of service, providing customers with more secure, reliable and high-quality products, fast and efficient service, with customers to build a prosperous, prosperous and harmonious energy saving society!

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